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Vakantievilla Portugal


If you stay in one of our homes than you are right in the green heart of one of the most beautiful natural environments in Europe. An area where you find that nature is unspoiled and adventurous. It has an enormous diversity of green. What’s very unique are the Eucalyptus trees. Portugal is Europe’s only country where they can be spotted. There’s also a richness of olive groves. It’s a very nice area for hiking or riding bicycles. The slopes offer a variety of wild nature, green valleys and many fields.

There are many natural parks in Portugal. Just north of the centre lies Serra Estrela. Like most parks, Serra da Estrela isn’t a real Nature Reserve Park. We mention this park because it 's largest park of this beautiful country and has great diversity of animals. It is located in the Northeast and is a spur of the Castilian mountains separation. In many places land is cultivated or cattle is guarded. It is precisely this combination of natural and cultural landscape that makes a visit to this beautiful park so interesting.

In the park there is a limited number of mammals. There are wild boars, foxes, wild cats, genetické cats, badgers and otters. The Iberian wolf lost the unequal struggle with the farmers. In the old days, the herds of sheep in the mountains were closely watched by shepherds and their always watchful dogs. The wolf was hardly a threat. Due to the depopulation of the countryside shepherds disappeared as well. Livestock is increasingly being left on the mountain pastures, which make them an easy prey for the wolf.  Farmers, however mercilessly beat back with guns, traps and poison. For over twenty years, there is no wolf to be seen in the park.

Birds are in abundance. In the lower areas, the hops, the owl and the water brooks starling. Not only in Serra de Estrela in the whole country you will find different species of birds and mammals. In addition, Portugal is also famous for its rich equine history.