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Vakantievilla Portugal


People, festivals and processions
If you are in the mood for a day trip, all year round you can visit a year market or a local, folk festivity. More so than in Spain you will find here nice Feiras. Special processions and religious festivals, romarias, dominated the calendar of this Catholic country. They give a nice insight into the deepest layers of the Portuguese culture.

Casa Cadaval
Last but certainly not least, we recommend you visit Casa Cadaval in Muge. This is approximately 15 minutes drive from Salvacasa and worth it. This beautiful estate, dating from the 15th century and is periodically in possession of the former Portuguese state family Álvarez Pereira de Melo (family Cadaval).  Today, the 5000 acres are owned by Casa Cadaval - Invest Monts Agrícolas, SA-. In order to keep the authenticity of this breathtaking place it is under continuous care. In addition, they search for new possibilities for the cultivation of wines on this ground. It will therefore not surprising that the most excellent wines are produced here and can be tasted on the sight. 

Shoppping, shoppping and Shopping 
Shop till you drop; as it is done in the United States. Maybe you didn’t expect it from the Portuguese but they are staunch shoppers. So not surprisingly to say that there are shopping centres anywhere across the country.  If you want to
invest in a new wardrobe for yourself, children and husband, or simply want to get inspired, please visit one of the many modern shopping malls. The Portuguese on occasion loves to take (half) a day to go to for example, the shopping centre of Santarém. Close your holiday villa and open daily. You can really buy everything from fine lingerie to nicely priced electronics.

There are many cafes and restaurants with an abundance of choices of different kitchens. And after a day of shopping you want to relax you can go to a movie. Like most shoppings, shopping Santarém has a cinema with a wide range of the latest films. Spoken in English so you don’t have to face any language problems. They offer the most comfortable chairs for half the price back home. A real treat.

Shopping Centres in the area can be found in Monsanto, Santarém and Lisbon (Colombo, Amoreiras). Also there are several outlets in the neighbourhood where they sell known brands as Pepe Jeans and Mango for super low prices. As at Campera. We wish you a happy shopping. Spoil yourself and your family!